2D Artist Magazine Tutorial Commission: Tank Girl Pinup


Finally finding the time to write about a recent commission for 2D Artist Magazine – Tank Girl Pinup Tutorial! For the commission, 3Dtotal.com Ltd was looking for both a full illustration of a powerful army/tank themed pinup and a step-by-step tutorial to teach readers how to achieve the same process. I really enjoyed both working on a powerful piece of a strong woman (I have to admit, I love a girl in boots!) and also taking the time to capture each step of this particular illustration. 2D Artist Magazine is filled with a variety of useful information both useful for beginners and professionals, so it was great to share my approach alongside so many other great articles.

Also, props to the layout designer! I find some other digital art magazines lack clarity and good content hiearchy, and are therefore difficult to read. A good magazine layout makes a huge difference!

Below you can find a preview of the tutorial, but check out the whole thing in issue 106, page 76. If you don’t currently have a subscription, you can purchase a single issue (here) or subscribe to future issues (looks like right now they have a sale for £23.99/$38.99 – about $20 off).


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